COVID-19 Advisory

During the COVID pandemic, many patients may still require specialist care.

The following changes have been implemented for the safety of patients and staff:

  • Strict hygiene practices are in place for all staff and patients. We will continue to update these as we follow current guidelines from our governing bodies.
  • All patients will be asked a series of screening questions when booking appointments and on the day of the appointment. Patients at risk will not be seen.
  • Appointments will be staggered throughout the day to minimize the number of people in the rooms at any one time.
  • The set-up of the waiting room, front desk and consulting room has changed so that social distancing can be properly maintained. 
  • Dr Levin will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) for your safety and his safety.
  • The consulting room will be wiped down and cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant after each patient.
  • Telehealth consultations are also available. If you are a new patient then a valid referral will be required to receive a rebate from Medicare.
  • Certain elective surgical procedures will be considered but additional testing for COVID-19 prior to the surgery may be required.

Our team looks forward to continuing to provide you with the highest level of care during this difficult time.