Vertigo and Dizziness


Vertigo and dizziness can have a significant impact on one’s confidence as patients may worry about when they will get their next “attack”. A detailed history and thorough investigation is very important to try and work out the cause of vertigo or dizziness.


Common ENT causes include positional vertigo, and viruses that can affect the inner ear. Meniere’s disease and certain types of migraine can cause vertigo. Other non-ENT causes include certain medications, problems with vision, posture, neck issues, cardiac and neurological causes.


Patients with true rotational vertigo may feel like the world is moving in a circular motion around them, or that they themselves are spinning. Dizziness which is not true vertigo is sometimes described as a feeling of imbalance or unsteadiness. Some causes are accompanied by nausea and vomiting. All of these can be debilitating until treatment is initiated.


A thorough physical examination is required to diagnose and treat the ENT causes. Sometimes formal vestibular function testing or radiology may be required. Dr Levin will perform several tests during the examination to determine if you have an ENT cause for your dizziness, and then initiate appropriate treatment or referral.


Some causes of dizziness will settle by themselves without treatment. Positional vertigo may be treated with the Epley’s manouvre which Dr Levin can perform for you. Certain medications can also be prescribed to help manage your dizziness until it has resolved.