Sleep Endoscopy


Sleep endoscopy is a useful procedure to assess the levels of upper airway obstruction in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea.

Patients are given a light general anaesthetic and their upper airway is viewed with an endoscope whilst they are asleep.

It is very important to have patients reach the appropriate depth of sleep where they are snoring or have apnoeas. If patients are too lightly anaesthetised then they can wake up with the endoscope in their airways. If patients are too deeply anaesthetised then they may not snore or have apnoeas which makes it difficult to assess where the level of obstruction is.


Sleep endoscopy may be helpful in patients with snoring or sleep apnoea who are considering surgery but the level of obstruction to target is not obvious.


Sleep endoscopy is performed as a day only procedure. As there are no incisions made it is not a painful procedure and the recovery is usually very good.

Postoperative Instructions

As you have had a general anaesthetic you will not be able to drive or go to work for 24 hours.

Follow Up

I will inform you when you need to see me following the procedure – please contact my rooms to schedule this appointment.

At the follow up appointment, I will show you the video recording of your airway during sleep and we can discuss potential treatment options.