Postnasal Drip


Postnasal drip can be a frustrating symptom. It is often apparent at night or in the early morning after one has been lying down, but some patients experience it throughout the day also.


Nasal allergies and sinusitis are common causes of postnasal drip.


Some patients may be aware of a bad taste in their throat, in addition to feeling mucous running back in their nose.


Nasendoscopy will performed and should be able to determine if you are suffering from allergies or a sinus problem. Dr Levin may organise allergy testing or a CT scan of your sinuses if necessary.

You throat and voice box may also be examined with a camera to ensure that you don’t have silent reflux, which can sometimes give you a feeling of excessive mucous in the throat.


Depending on the cause of your postnasal drip, you may wish to read about the treatment of allergic rhinitis or hayfever, as well as sinusitis.

In general, there are a variety of nasal sprays and drops, as well as anti-histamines, which can control postnasal drip. Sometimes surgery may be beneficial as it can allow intranasal treatments to penetrate the nasal cavity better if congestion and obstruction (blocked nose) is also a problem.

After a detailed assessment, Dr Levin will be able to recommend which is likely to be most beneficial for you.