Runny Nose


Parents often complain that their child “always has a runny nose”. Whilst runny noses are common in young children, a cause should be identified and treatment initiated when runny noses are persistent.


Children who first attend daycare or preschool may develop frequent upper respiratory tract infections with a runny nose. This usually settles down.

Nasal allergies or large adenoids can contribute to a runny nose. In children who have discharge from only 1 nostril (often foul smelling), a foreign body in the nose should be suspected.


A detailed history and full ENT examination should be performed, including looking inside your child’s nose. Sometimes, an X-ray of the adenoids or allergy testing may be required to assist in making a diagnosis.


Treatment will target the underlying cause. Nasal sprays can be very helpful. Sometimes an Immunologist or Allergist is required for treatment.

Foreign bodies within the nose should always be removed. Adenoidectomy (removal of the adenoids at the back of the nose) may be indicated in some children with persistent runny noses.

Dr Levin will be able to assess your child and recommend the best course of treatment for him or her.